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Let us all just die before we get the help we need. This is far too close to home, I have had friends commit suicide after we returned back. I’ve been there a few times myself and all I can say is the VA NEEDS TO DO BETTER!!!


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I am a Father. I am 32 until March. (at which time I will update this) I am an Infantryman. I have seen War. I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I love the Walking Dead. I am on mission to find out who I am.

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  1. It is not wrong, bad, or insane to experience grief. Grief is an aspect of all human life that most of our modern societies allow no room for. Grief, for all of the losses and deaths, will be experienced. Sooner or later, manifest one way or another. Too often grief is called other names and treated as an illness. Grief and the accompaning sorrow are a common thread that bind all humans in common expereience. Thank you for all you have done. —— Granny

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    You are subscribed to Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury in the Media for Defense Centers of Excellence.

    Doctors Warned on Combat Link to Military Suicide Risk
    01/28/2013 04:50 PM EST

    ‘Like an Airborne Disease’: Concern Grows about Military Suicides spreading Within Families
    01/28/2013 04:47 PM EST

    PTSD Patient: ‘I Didn’t Want to be Known as the Crazy Veteran’
    01/27/2013 04:50 PM EST

    Military Suicides Reflect the Moral Conflicts of War, Says Marine Captain
    01/26/2013 04:48 PM EST

    To Combat Suicides, Army Focuses on the Homefront
    01/26/2013 04:47 PM EST

    BrainTrain Announces Cognitive Training Software Giveaway to Veterans Hospitals
    01/25/2013 04:51 PM EST

    How Virtual Reality can Combat Veterans’ PTSD
    01/25/2013 04:45 PM EST

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