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Because you know it all…

War is War.  There are no politics in War.  There are no feelings in War.  If you were never in War then you know NOTHING about it.  War is fought by Soldiers, Marines, by Warriors.  There was no politicians, there was no one asking me what political party I was from or what my views were on the War.  If someone is shot here in America, lets say a Navy SEAL then it has nothing to do with the politics of war or gun control.  War is simple so stop making it complicated no matter what War(campaign) it is.  IT IS KILL OR BE KILLED! It angers me how everyone has these opinions about it and how it’s not good and blah blah blah. War was around before me or you or anyone alive today.

We are human and its in our blood.  I don’t even know what my point is except for the fact that if you haven’t been in a War where you were shot at, blown up, or saw your friends die, then shut up because you are embarrassing yourself.  You don’t see me writing about how hard it is to give birth to a baby because I am a Man and I can’t birth children.  Let our servicemen rest in peace, let’s not let there last days be overshadowed by something that has been happening.  People are people and guns are guns. A .22 pistol can kill you just the same as 50 cal machine gun or a kitchen knife.  In japan they commit mass murder with knifes, should we outlaw those. This isn’t about guns though. This is about keeping your mouth shut about things you don’t know.

Americans have this I am entitled to the world and I know everything attitude that pisses me off.  I know because I am one and I am frankly getting tired of it.  These men that you talk about, these women all made a sacrifice to their country to better their lives and their families.  What gives anyone the right to exploit them for their own personal agendas.  God Damn you, damn those who take it for granted. You are wasting your life, you know nothing about the real world, or third world countries, starvation, disease. Bitch about it from the safety of your laptop but know there are still soldiers out there that probably still believe you are on their side and not some old politician who sent them there. While they sacrifice for you there time with families you complain about working 15 minutes overtime.  While you decided what you are going to eat for lunch the soldier has to find time to eat in between getting shot at and getting mortared. The only thing I ask for is a little respect, just a quiet nod will do, OR nothing at all.

I guess I get tired of the whole “The war is for nothing” bullshit.  Why would you tell someone who has lost so many friends that the War was for nothing.  No one remembers 9/11 and all the innocent people that were killed in cold blood.  I am forever changed by the War. Better or worse I am a different man because of the things I have seen, the true nature of man.  We are all safe, safer here in this country than a lot of places all over this huge world.  But we all live most of our lives right here in this safe place.  We have simple freedoms like speech and religion.  Does anyone ever really care about what it could be like.  Maybe you’ve heard this, seen it on the tube but have you ever contemplated being stoned to death? Let’s say your a woman and you want to read or write or better yourself.  Well in some countries you get stoned to death for that if you’re a woman.  That’s just one little dirty secret of Man that you probably KNOW.  There is so much more evil in this world and we are all sheltered here in this big blanket we call America. Children can’t play outside in certain countries because not only do they have to watch for cars crossing the street but crossfire between combatants and insurgents trying to recruit them to be suicide bombers.  We are proud Americans who are free to do whatever we want. To the rest of the world we are spoiled brats who don’t know what we have. We have food for our dogs and they are struggling to eat. Enjoy our nice warm blanket, because every great empire falls, maybe not today or in 100 years and on that day maybe we’ll all know what we had.

I guess it would be okay to be normal and ignorant but then again now that I know the truth, I will never take it for granted.  I will appreciate the freedom I have earned. And the rest of the world, they’ll just keep on doing what they do. I’ll be in the history books, the brave men and women who fought terrorism and everyone else will just be part of the civilization that was slowly deteriorating during a long drawn out depression.  People are going more and more crazy it seems, every week there is some mass shooting or worse. I desperately want to be one of you but your ideals have been corrupted, you regurgitate once again what the tube tells you and once again there are no more free thinkers.  If I wanted the same old bullshit everyone was saying I could watch CNN too.

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About soldierspoem11b

I am a Father. I am 32 until March. (at which time I will update this) I am an Infantryman. I have seen War. I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I love the Walking Dead. I am on mission to find out who I am.

3 responses to “Because you know it all…

  1. WOW! This is amazing. I wish more people would think this way, live this way, breathe this way. Thank you for writing this. I wish this would be the newscast for the night, every night. But then again, people still wouldn’t understand. And sadly, I am no better. I am ignorant myself. I am another sheltered, spoiled American. Yet. I hope that when I do find the faults within me that you speak of I change them. I respect you for your service. And I agree with your post 100%.

  2. I really didn’t mean everyone was like that. Mostly people I know, you don’t have to go to war to appreciate anything. It just got to me because I got rid of facebook because I was tired of the propaganda they throw at you all day. Now on here it’s almost the same thing now because of the SEAL sniper that died. I was never a SEAL but I worked with them my first tour and they are cool dudes. Maybe some of us join to become heroes but once that first bullet grazes your head, you just want to stay alive. Point being, he was a good man who did a job very well and it kills me that everything I read about his death is about how Ron Paul can suck it. I didn’t mean people have faults because we all do, I just wish people could appreciate not the faults but all the good things we do have, ya know? Death is our last tour of duty and it should be a heroes welcoming, not a propaganda scheme for gun control.

  3. HI, I don’t have much to say because I am humbled and blown away by your words and brought to tears. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I definitely have no clue what you’re going through but I can get a glimpse through your writing. Thanks for commenting on my last post. I am sorry that you lost your faith but I am praying you will find it again. And I am here to tell you, after all you have been through, it is more than okay to have pervading doubts and questions. Continue to lay it all out like you do on here. Don’t stop writing. It’s all we can do to survive most of the time. Peace ~

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