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Crazy Mental Health….

     You know what is really crazy? It is how someone you don’t even know. Someone you haven’t even met. Someone you will probably never ever meet or even know existed is in another country right now putting his life on the line…. FOR US! Don’t take it or granted because they don’t all come back in one piece.  Sometimes they don’t come back at all…Image


About soldierspoem11b

I am a Father. I am 32 until March. (at which time I will update this) I am an Infantryman. I have seen War. I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I love the Walking Dead. I am on mission to find out who I am.

One response to “Crazy Mental Health….

  1. CJ

    Dear Soldier,
    I speak for myself and my family when I send this sincere message of deepest appreciation and gratitude for your sacrifice and your service to our country. Everyday we pause to think of you and pray for you and your comrades, as well as your families and your children. Our hearts ache for the pain, suffering, and losses each endures for our nation, for us. May God bless you and heal your wounds, wherever they may be. May He ensure your safety, strengthen your spirit, bring calm and comfort to your mind so that you can find the peace & stability you need to confidently travel your desired path. You are awesome and you are most honorable. Never forget that you are worthy of honor and respect at all times, in all places…hold your head up and be proud of your extraordinary self.

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